Dec 13, 2011

Princess of China

I have a friend who works at a salon who needed someone to get color done in their hair today.  I have had some colors before (red, purple, orange, black, blonde) but it has been a few years.  I have been liking having my natural color lately.  But I decided to do it as a fun new hairstyle.

We went to Randal's work party tonight, which is the only reason my hair is actually done. ha

Sorry for the terrible photos.
I figured I should probably document this
color quickly because red fades so fast.  
Not too shabby huh?

Someone at the Salon said it was like Rihanna.  Since she is Randal's celebrity crush (who knew!?) it makes sense why he is liking my red hair so much.  


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  1. LOL @ Randal. I think it's hilarious he loves Rihanna. The hair looks good! I like the red.


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