Oct 13, 2011

Cute Little House

Randal found our new house on KSL.  Originally it was "no pets allowed", but after both of us searching for so long, we started calling everything and asking if they would make an exception.  Most people turned us down, but one lady said that with an additional deposit she might make an exception.  Randal went and looked at the house first and was excited about it but had to wait and see if we got it.  We ended up getting a call later and it was ours!  Later that night Randal took me and Sal and we went and looked at the house.  Our landlord wanted to meet our dog to be sure that she was allowed.  I instantly loved the house.  The landlord wanted a $625 pet deposit in addition to our regular $625 deposit and first months rent.  Just for us to move into this house was going to be about $1900!  I did not want to spend that much so I just told her that and she completely got rid of the pet deposit!  We went from a place that didn't allow pets, to a high deposit, to nothing.  It was such a blessing.  Okay, so here are the pictures.  Some before we moved in and some after.

Before (I'm still figuring out photoshop,
so adding the word before in my other picture took
me way too long to figure out.  Not really worth it.) 

If you notice, Sally decided she had to be in just about every single picture. 

As far as those green couches go, we got the green chair when we were engaged at the D.I. in Ogden, and before we moved to Texas, we got rid of our other couches.  While searching on KSL I just happened to find the couch that matched the chair perfectly.  The colors are not exactly identical, but it is so close, and the textures are the same.  I love them ha.  

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  1. I love the green furniture! Where are you two living?


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