Mar 22, 2012


No, this is not a post announcing a pregnancy, sorry.  But I am announcing my newest nephew, 

Andrew Penn (aka Pencil) Loud  

Look at that hair!

He was born yesterday and is so cute.  I'm definitely feeling somewhat baby hungry.  Or maybe I just like all the stuff you get with babies?  Here are a few of my favorite baby related goods in honor of my first Loud nephew.  

Sweet little felt baby shoes.  Rich colors, gender neutral, easy to make.
Get the tutorial here
I am obsessed with this quilt.  It is a granny square crochet pattern, and it seems tricky, but I think I can do it!  The tutorial says that it is the perfect project to pick up and work on then put away.  Can't you just image a baby wrapped up in this??

I LOVE this hat.  It's so adorable.  I'm not sure how cute it would look actually on a baby, but on that ball, it's dang cute.
Get it for $35 on Etsy via Wee Little Robin
I love simplicity.  These birth announcements are have a clean design.  I love the postmark and the blue and red envelope liners.  Just include a picture of your baby and you are set.  I will definitely be using this idea from here.  Brooke is a genius and I pretty much love everything she posts.  
This Charlie Diaper Bag from Timi and Leslie in teal.  It also comes in mustard.
I love the way it looks, but with a $160 price tag, it is just wishful thinking.

I'm sure when it's my time to have a baby, he or she won't be dressed nearly as cute as I would love to have, but here is for wishful thinking!  We are also planning on cloth diapering, and I read up about it some last night.  It seems VERY intimidating.  But my sister is a CD genius and I'm sure will help me through it.  She even has created her own line of cloth diaper safe products for kids with sensitive skin, Scarlet's Naturals.

Hear-hear for cute babies!