Feb 28, 2011

part 2: The reception

I always wanted to have an outdoors reception, so we followed my older siblings lead and had it in my parents backyard.  My dad loved on that yard all summer, and it turned out great.  The only bad thing was after we got married in Idaho, we drove the 3 hours to the valley, set up, and then about 15 minutes before the reception started, it poured.  So everything was quickly moved inside, then 30 minutes later it stopped, so we moved it back outside and set up for the second time.  I didn't even get stressed out, which was weird.  It was hectic, but it worked out.  Both our families helped so much.

 All of the treats were made by either me, my mom, or my sisters.  
Our wedding cake is in the top right corner.  I made that with help from a lady I worked with.

 My grandpa let us borrow his Oldsmobile.  
When I first saw it a few years ago I knew I wanted to use it for my wedding.  It is such a beautiful car.

 The birdcage for the letters.  
My sister used this at her wedding (it is her mother in law's) so we wanted to use it as well.  

 My roommate of 3 years and best friend Crystal.  
I got all the bridesmaids matching heart locket necklaces since they didn't have the same dresses.  
I filled them with little notes and gave them to everyone the night before the wedding.

We had Zeppe's (Italian water ice) cater.  Lemon & Passionfruit. 
It was my mom's idea. 
Best. Idea. Ever. 

For our guest book, we had everyone sign a note to us on a card and then they filed it by their last name.  It worked and was really nice to find sweet notes from friends and family.  We even found some from these little weasels above.  They took matters into their own hands.

 We only danced for one song because we were in our line from 6:30-9pm.  And as we danced it started to rain.  
It was quick, but I loved it.

This is just as we were leaving.  
What you can't tell from this pictures is that we drove down the road, switched cars, then drove to Iggy's to eat.  
We were starving.

Feb 26, 2011

part 1: the temple

Since there are a lot of pictures, I'm doing them in a few posts.
Our photographer was Jenny Hansen and she did an amazing job.  
We got married August 6th in the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple.

ps. for some reason they look fuzzy here.  
I promise they aren't in real life.  Darn blogger.

Feb 19, 2011

Public Relations and Presidents Day

       Randal got into the PR program this last week.  We didn't know if he would because of how many credits he has, and BYU likes to push people to graduate as fast as possible.  But he made it.  I am so proud. ha.  I feel like such a mom for saying that, but it is true.  He worked so hard last semester.  On Friday I got home from work later than normal because of traffic, and there was an envelope stuck in the door addressed to Randal.  I opened while I was on the door step and it was his acceptance letter into the major! I def thought it was possibly a rejection letter and that he let me read it outside first so I could brace myself for how upset/angry/sad he was.  Thank goodness it wasn't.  So I walked in and expected him to be creeping behind the door trying to scare me, but there he was at his desk acting like he barely noticed me come in.  Turns out, he was DYING for me to get home, and he waited for 45 minutes at the peephole because he wanted to see my reaction, then made the mad dash to our back room as soon as I started to get my keys out to get inside.  Oh man, haha, I love him. 
        So we spent the night celebrating.  We went to Nicolitalia's Pizzeria with friends.  We ordered the alfredo with chicken, mushrooms, and anchovies (my request).  Randal took one bite and swore to me he couldn't even be near that pizza.  So he starved and I devoured half.  freak.  The night ended with an unsuccessful trip to Midway hot pots and creepy stories about agoraphobic neighbors.  Wasn't the best celebrating ever done, but we are taking a trip up to the Valley for some R&R.  No school/work on Tuesday.  Holla. 

Happy 3 day weekending!  
click here for more info about BYU's PR program.

ps. we got our wedding pics this week.  Expect a post with those soon!

Feb 12, 2011

Love Notes

Sometimes I write nice little notes for my husband hoping to get one in return, but I don't.  But Friday when I got home from work I found this...
In the mailbox there was a note leading me to my slippers, the dutch oven, then to the dryer where I found these babys.
The husband noticed that my grey toms were getting pretty ratty, so he surprised me with an early Vday present, complete with little love notes and treats during the "treasure hunt".  Also, the husband hates ballet flats.  Something about seeing someone's foot, so he got me these as an alternative to my everyday footwear. 

I am all about compromising.
Happy Valentines Day