May 25, 2010

Our Story

How we met: December 1st
Rachel, my sister-in-law, had me come over to work on a group project and to keep her company while someone was coming to look at a TV they had for sale on  Well, in walks Randal and I of course notice how tall he is (being that he is 6'4 and I am 6') so I talk to him and he leaves half an hour later, leaving his number.  Rachel told me to text him so I worked up the courage and texted him the following night, with the help of my best friend Crystal.  ha.  We texted on and off and then he came over to watch a movie the following Sunday and we have been dating ever since.  It wasn't so simple; however, because I had a missionary, and he had a girl he was seeing, but both were gone within weeks.  

Engaged: March 18th
We had been ring shopping for a few weeks previous and had my ring custom made at Sierra West Jewelers in Provo (we HIGHLY recommend them).  Randal had the ring for about a week and I found out about it, so every night, Crystal and I would stay up and think about all the ways that he could propose.  I was leaving to Hawaii on Thursday to visit my friend Rachelle so I thought for sure he would do it before I left.  On Tuesday I was getting antsy, and on Wednesday night I was ticked.  I wanted my ring!  So he drove me to the airport on Thursday morning and dropped me off.  I went and found my gate and as I was about to get on the plane, Randal taps me on the shoulder and proposes.  He had dropped me off and then come back to the airport and waited around in a shop across from where I was sitting!  I was so shocked that I didn't say anything.  He asked me a second time over the loud speaker and everyone clapped.  It was such a huge surprise.  I'm glad that he was able to surprise me because I hate secrets.  Then I went to Hawaii for a week and didn't get to be with him.  Poor planning on his and my Dad's part, but it still worked out.

Randal lives in Provo and is studying for the LSAT that he plans on taking in a few weeks.  I am living in Liberty with my parents, working as an Quality Control intern at a cookie factory.  We have seen each other every weekend since I have moved back.  Being engaged is fun, but August 6th can't come soon enough.  I have found the man I want to marry, and I don't want to wait any longer.  Oh well, only 73 more days...