Jun 1, 2010

Six months down, only two to go!

Randal and I have officially been together for 6 months.  That is half a year!  It feels like it has been so much longer, but 6 months is a big milestone for us, and we are excited!  

Over the weekend, we went to Randal's parents house in Idaho for the weekend.  Some of his siblings came up to visit as well.  On Saturday, we made the trek up to Green Canyon and swam all evening.  Sunday afternoon, we took a drive up to Targhee where we had a fire complete with hot dogs and s'mores.  Afterward, we snuggled in the Clayton family room and watched family home videos.  Randal was SUCH a cute baby.  I am so lucky. 

Memorial Day, we drove back to The Valley and went on an ATV ride with my family.  Randal took his dirt bike and had to rescue me after I got stuck on a hill.  The weather was rainy so we came back home and had a BBQ.  It was a perfect Memorial Day weekend filled with lots of family, snuggling and kisses.
after Randal rescued me 

watching Randal come down a HUGE hill
 excuse my 9th grade cheer hoody.  oh geez.

ps. 65 days!