May 30, 2012

DI Finds

This morning I snuggled with Salamander (Sally) in bed, cleaned up the house, and went off to the DI.  I was only hoping to find some T-shirts so I could make some of this.  Which I did.  Some perfect bright orange shirts.  I have big plans, people! 

Anyway, I wandered through the store and while casually perusing the dish section I found a gold mine.  I usually find regular plates and dishes, but this time, I found a few perfect little pieces for my kitchen collection.  

First I spotted this Corelle Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom Pattern.  There were four in the dinner plate size, and only one has the tiniest of chips on the underneath.  The best part is that I already own the saucer plate in this pattern, so I am just building up my set.  I also have the Pyrex mixing bowl that matches it as well.  I got the saucer at Goodwill in Plano, TX.  

Since I found those plates I was franticly searching for more.  Next I found the two of the Corelle dessert plates in the Butterfly Gold Pattern.  They are just as lovely.

I even found some more saucers.  Two Corelle saucers in the Old Town Blue Pattern.  They are pretty great too.  

As I was searching, I saw this little green hammered glass goblet.  It's perfect.  I knew I needed it because I already owned one glass that I found on my same trip to the Goodwill in Texas.  Now I have a pair!

Apparently, I have a thing for this green color.  This bowl made its way into my cart.  Looking around my living room, A LOT of things (our sofa and matching chair, a giant mirror, various other decorations) are that same avocado color.  I think it stems from green being my mom's favorite color.  I never realized it would be such a prominent color in my house.  

My favorite thing I got was this little casserole dish.  Originally I thought it was Corningware, but it is stamped "Glasbake".  It is still just as lovely though.  I love the design (Green Daisy Milk Glass 1qt dish with lid).  So at $1.50 I snatched it up.  It wasn't until I came home and researched it that I knew exactly what it was.  Apparently Glasbake, or Glasbak, was McKee Glass Company's idea in order to compete with Corning's Pyrex ovenware.  So it is the same idea as Pyrex.  Either way, it is the perfect size.  

If you aren't into these little retro kitchen finds like I am, then this won't seem very exciting.  I was so excited to bring them home.  I got all of it for 10.50!  Some of these plates sell for that much.  It was a big day for my modest collection.  

May 16, 2012

Happy UnMother's Day

For Mother's Day, we called both our Moms, wished them a happy day, went to Church where the women were sung to in Relief Society by primary kids-best thing ever.  Then we headed to Provo Canyon, specifically South Fork Park.  It was perfect.  Unfortunately, everyone else decided a Mother's Day picnic was a good idea too, so we shared the park with dozens of other families.  We were able to score a sweet little spot tucked away from the rest of the park, right next to the creek.  We roasted bratwurst (complete with sauerkraut), baked tater tots, and Cadburry caramel eggs.  Basically, we didn't plan ahead and just gathered up whatever we could scrounge at our house ha ha.  It was still fun and Sal had a blast.  She is kind of afraid of water, so we made sure to get her in  the water to get more comfortable with it.  She still wasn't really feeling it, but she loved being up there.

After we finished our lunch, we hiked up the trail.  For some reason we both decided to wear sandals and hiking in them was not too fun.  Sal was in love though.  We barely saw her.  Randal takes her mountain biking sometimes and she loves to run up and down the trails.  Seriously, having a dog is the best.  She makes things so much more fun.  I may not be a mom, but I am a pup mom and I love it...except when she barks.

Nervous about the water

Ready to go hike 

Always ahead of us

In the meadow

When we got back I was able to listen to Drake's call from his mission.  I can't believe he only has 6 months left!  I've missed him and I'm so excited for him to come back.

And in honor of Mother's Day...some pictures of us with our Mom's...
She thinks she's tall... 
When my mom visited us in Texas.  Both of their faces are priceless.  
Randal looks like a 6 year old boy here too.