Dec 20, 2011

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

December 18th was my brother Josh's 29th birthday so we got the gang together on Google+ for some video chatting.  For the Christmas season, Google added a "Reindeer" option.  Aubrey, my niece, was in love, until she got tired.  It really was pretty cool.  I definitely recommend trying it out.  We could only get it to work on our computers though.  It didn't give the option on ipads.  

Tired and sick of chatting.

Dec 19, 2011

Randal on Pinterest

This morning Randal asked for my Pinterest login info (for Christmas).   An hour later I received this response via text

"I can't make heads or tails out of that damn site.  I guess you get coal."


NCFR and SeaWorld

For the past year I have been working on research with a professor and in November I had the opportunity to go and present it at NCFR (The National Council on Family Relations) in Orlando, FL.  It was my first time in Florida and I loved it.  We went the week before Thanksgiving and it felt like spring break.  It was so warm and sunny.  I didn't get many pictures of the conference, but a few of the other research assistants and I went to SeaWorld during the trip and it was incredible.  Seriously.  My camera died halfway through the day so I didn't get too many pics, but the dolphin show was amazing.  They have a deal where if you buy a ticket one day, you get a second day free, so we went back for day two and had to see the dolphin show again.  It was that good.

We were able to ride some good roller coasters, watch a bunch of shows, and pet dolphins!  That was probably the highlight of my trip.  I am not a huge fan of theme parks and don't plan on taking my kids to Disneyland (I know, I'm not sounding like a very good mom here) but I will take them to SeaWorld.  It was amazing.

The hotel the conference was at.
The front gate.  They had misting machines.  

I was on the hunt for gators.  I didn't see a single one. 

Their power or phone boxes were decorated and even their buses were.
It was so fun to see art everywhere.

This baby killer whale was so adorable.  It went everywhere with the mom. 

Dolphin Cove!  And the folks I went to NCFR/SeaWorld with.

Getting pumped to pet some dolphins.  

Dec 15, 2011


Randal has been dying to go to Boise.  I knew from day 1 of dating that it was his dream home.  He is obsessed with it after going to school there for a bit before his mission.  So we finally made the trip north last month.  We spent a lot of time with Randal's friends from high school and went to a Boise State game.  It was pretty incredible.  Everyone goes nuts.

I just happened to have a Boise orange jacket.
I was getting compliments left and right. 

He was going nuts. 

K Moore!

Our seats.

The train station

Me and Anna on top of Camels back.

I loved Boise.  I loved downtown. I loved the trees (who knew there were so many trees!), I loved all the active people playing outdoors.  It really is a great place and if that is where we end up, I wouldn't be mad at all.

Dec 13, 2011

Princess of China

I have a friend who works at a salon who needed someone to get color done in their hair today.  I have had some colors before (red, purple, orange, black, blonde) but it has been a few years.  I have been liking having my natural color lately.  But I decided to do it as a fun new hairstyle.

We went to Randal's work party tonight, which is the only reason my hair is actually done. ha

Sorry for the terrible photos.
I figured I should probably document this
color quickly because red fades so fast.  
Not too shabby huh?

Someone at the Salon said it was like Rihanna.  Since she is Randal's celebrity crush (who knew!?) it makes sense why he is liking my red hair so much.