Dec 15, 2011


Randal has been dying to go to Boise.  I knew from day 1 of dating that it was his dream home.  He is obsessed with it after going to school there for a bit before his mission.  So we finally made the trip north last month.  We spent a lot of time with Randal's friends from high school and went to a Boise State game.  It was pretty incredible.  Everyone goes nuts.

I just happened to have a Boise orange jacket.
I was getting compliments left and right. 

He was going nuts. 

K Moore!

Our seats.

The train station

Me and Anna on top of Camels back.

I loved Boise.  I loved downtown. I loved the trees (who knew there were so many trees!), I loved all the active people playing outdoors.  It really is a great place and if that is where we end up, I wouldn't be mad at all.

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