Nov 16, 2010

Sushi and Park City

On Friday after work, I came home to surprise homemade sushi.  Yes, you read that right.  Randal made the first roll to surprise me, but let me make a few.  He knows I love that kind of stuff, so it was perfect.  He even topped it off with a Redbox while we ate.  

Not ours, but still looks good

 Saturday I took Randal to Park City to shop for his birthday.  He was not happy.  But we went, and he was grumpy the entire time.  At 3pm we left and drove next door to stay at a hotel I booked for the night.  He was so surprised.  We had to shop before to kill time until check-in at 3pm.  Haha.  He was so mad at me for making him shop, but little did he know. 
We swam and watched movies and ate pizza.  The next morning we drove to the Olympic Park.  We visited the museum and watched some downhill ski jumpers in the freezing cold.  

We didn't take any pictures except with my phone, so I'll try and post some later. 

Nov 10, 2010

My Wish List

I know it is early, but yesterday BYU set up Christmas Trees in the library, and my sister-in-law is doing a giveaway for her company for some cute Christmas cards (yes, I already have the ones I want picked I just need some money so lets hope I win! ha) and today it started snowing.  Basically, I am ready for the holidays.

In fact, I already have a rough Christmas Wish List compiled, now I just need to finalize it tack it to my parents fridge.  Yes, I'm married, but you best believe I'm still putting up my list.  
So I decided to do a little pre holiday window shopping {read: internet shopping}
J Crew

J Crew




Now I just need to work more so I can actually afford these things.  But that's what Christmas presents are for, right??
What is on your List?

Oct 7, 2010

Right Now

Things have been crazy busy this past week, and they are only going to get busier.  Here is a typical day for me:

Work from 9am-1pm
School from 2pm-7pm (with a few breaks)
Then I get home, usually clean, make/eat dinner, hangout with Randal, do some homework, then go to bed at like 11pm.
There just isn't time for anything!

So, with all of that, I am taking a full course load, I started my Research Assistant (RA) position with my professor (I'll do another post about that soon), I'm finding out how to be a good wife, I'm working everyday, and trying to figure out when to do everything!

And to top it off, today I got a call from my Agency {click to see me!}, and a designer in SLC wants me for a Breast Cancer Awareness fashion show tomorrow night.  Talk about short notice.  So I'm scrambling trying to figure out work schedules, test schedules, marriage schedules, everything to fit this in.  Who knows why, but it's for a good cause and it should be pretty fun.  

Plus, any excuse to get my hair done, where a dress, get my picture taken, and walk in front of a crowd who will love you no matter what (since its for a breast cancer), then sign me up!
I'll have someone take pictures and I'll post about that later.

Wish me luck!

Sep 30, 2010

True Love

Our conversation the other night:

K: Why do you love me? 
R: What do you mean?
K: I am just such a *retard!
R: Yes, but you are MY retard.  
{sorry if that offends because it wasn't PC}

Even with all of my *many* faults, somehow  Randal still loves me.  
Sometimes I don't get it, but then if I really think about it...
We are kind of perfect for each other...

Sep 23, 2010

flea o read ah

Yes, that is how Randal pronounced Flo rida.  hahahah!  I think we were listening to Pandora and he was like, "I really like this song!" so I asked him who it was, and his response? 
flea o read ah.
He means well...

This week Randal had to go to the Bollywood Market for class.  So, as a dutiful, and mostly curious/excited wife, I tagged along.  It isn't a huge place, but I loved every second of it.  Even from off the street, the aroma invites you in.  We stepped inside and the woman working, who we later came to know as Ginny, was very helpful and showed us around the store.  She recommended as her "must see" for the store, the spice section.  And it is pretty spectacular.  Randal had to write a review on the shop for his Comms class, so I patiently took a look around while he asked Ginny questions.  By the end of our trip there, Ginny had given us a recipe to make Chicken Saag (my personal Indian food favorite), and convinced us to buy all the necessary items.  She even got me to buy a smoothie while she was ringing me up.  And I am so glad we did.  It was a mango smoothie and I have never tasted something so delicious.  It was just so creamy.

It was pretty late at night, but when we got home I was so excited to make the saag that we did it anyway.  Her recipe was not like a typical recipe (imagine a list of ingredients, and instead of regular measurements, she just would tell me, oh a spoon of that or some of this, etc) so we had to do some guess work, but all in all, I think it turned out well.

 Randal making the rice

 Some of the ingredients


 After: The final product

Our feast! Complete with a movie.  
It doesn't get much better than this.

Sep 15, 2010

Unknown Caller

Today at exactly 9:05 am I missed a call from an unknown number because I was in my morning meeting at work.  I didn't think anything of it until maybe 5 minutes later I get a text from Randal asking if I had gotten a call from the UC (Unknown Caller).  Turns out, he got called at 9:01 am and answered and the guy answered the phone like, " you know who this is...?"  Randal was like, um, no.  Then the guy went off about how he knew Randal from soccer a year ago and that it was Trent Rogers.  Randal never played soccer (he really isn't very athletic...) and finally told the guy he had to go to class and you know what the creep said???  He said, "That's fine, I got what I needed." and hung up.  Then preceded to call me.  What the freak!  Creepy, right?  

Has anyone had any calls from the UC lately?  I want to figure this out!

Sep 9, 2010

Blog Lovin'

It's a long one, sorry!  
A lot has changed since the last time I posted.  I don't really want to recount all the details, so I'll just hit the highlights, include some pictures, and then I promise to be a better blogger from here on out.  Especially since I am (I think) getting rid of my facebook soon).  I want a place to put up pictures and updates and see how everyone is doing, but I just get so caught up in looking at random people doing things, that I end up spending more time looking at other people's lives than living my own. 
I'm making the break.  
I will admit that I have been better over the past few months, since there really isn't much time to do anything when you are planning a wedding, getting married, honeymooning, becoming a student, working and *trying* to be a good wife.  But still, there just isn't enough time in the day for FB and so it looks like we will be parting ways.

Now that I explained my soon-to-be absence in the social networking world, I'm jumping over to Blogging.  It seems like that's what most newly married cute girls do, and I want to be a part of it!

Here are the promised highlights since last time: 
  • Randal and I went to Reno on a trip with my family to visit my Grandparents.  More of that can be seen here.  
  • On August 6th, in the Idaho Falls, Idaho LDS temple, Randal and I got married.  We decided to have the reception in Utah at my parents' house.  Don't worry, there will most likely be an upcoming wedding post full of pictures. 
  • August 7th, Randal and I started our two-week honeymoon.  We spent the majority of it on the North Shore of Hawaii, and then about 3 days in various terminals, airport gardens, airports, and even an unplanned excursion to Kauai.  It wasn't really great, but we made the best of it and eventually we did get home.  Tip: Don't fly to Hawaii with a stand-by passenger. 
  • We went on a camping trip with Randal's family up to Bear Lake last weekend.  It was really fun, but way too windy.  It's insane how blue Bear Lake is.  

Nothing else of note has really happened.  Just a lot of thank you notes, watching Psych online, multiple trips to Sams Club, Target, Wal-Mart, and eating leftover wedding Zeppes like err night. 

Oh! and I also legally changed my name today, so we are officially Randal and Kirsten Clayton.  Sounds pretty d good.

So for now, if you want to stalk either one of us, I suppose you will just have to look back to our humble blog.  And I promise to try and make it better looking, it's pretty jumbled up right now.  I need Blog help!

Sneak Peak for my upcoming Wedding Post.  Get Excited! 

Jun 1, 2010

Six months down, only two to go!

Randal and I have officially been together for 6 months.  That is half a year!  It feels like it has been so much longer, but 6 months is a big milestone for us, and we are excited!  

Over the weekend, we went to Randal's parents house in Idaho for the weekend.  Some of his siblings came up to visit as well.  On Saturday, we made the trek up to Green Canyon and swam all evening.  Sunday afternoon, we took a drive up to Targhee where we had a fire complete with hot dogs and s'mores.  Afterward, we snuggled in the Clayton family room and watched family home videos.  Randal was SUCH a cute baby.  I am so lucky. 

Memorial Day, we drove back to The Valley and went on an ATV ride with my family.  Randal took his dirt bike and had to rescue me after I got stuck on a hill.  The weather was rainy so we came back home and had a BBQ.  It was a perfect Memorial Day weekend filled with lots of family, snuggling and kisses.
after Randal rescued me 

watching Randal come down a HUGE hill
 excuse my 9th grade cheer hoody.  oh geez.

ps. 65 days!

May 25, 2010

Our Story

How we met: December 1st
Rachel, my sister-in-law, had me come over to work on a group project and to keep her company while someone was coming to look at a TV they had for sale on  Well, in walks Randal and I of course notice how tall he is (being that he is 6'4 and I am 6') so I talk to him and he leaves half an hour later, leaving his number.  Rachel told me to text him so I worked up the courage and texted him the following night, with the help of my best friend Crystal.  ha.  We texted on and off and then he came over to watch a movie the following Sunday and we have been dating ever since.  It wasn't so simple; however, because I had a missionary, and he had a girl he was seeing, but both were gone within weeks.  

Engaged: March 18th
We had been ring shopping for a few weeks previous and had my ring custom made at Sierra West Jewelers in Provo (we HIGHLY recommend them).  Randal had the ring for about a week and I found out about it, so every night, Crystal and I would stay up and think about all the ways that he could propose.  I was leaving to Hawaii on Thursday to visit my friend Rachelle so I thought for sure he would do it before I left.  On Tuesday I was getting antsy, and on Wednesday night I was ticked.  I wanted my ring!  So he drove me to the airport on Thursday morning and dropped me off.  I went and found my gate and as I was about to get on the plane, Randal taps me on the shoulder and proposes.  He had dropped me off and then come back to the airport and waited around in a shop across from where I was sitting!  I was so shocked that I didn't say anything.  He asked me a second time over the loud speaker and everyone clapped.  It was such a huge surprise.  I'm glad that he was able to surprise me because I hate secrets.  Then I went to Hawaii for a week and didn't get to be with him.  Poor planning on his and my Dad's part, but it still worked out.

Randal lives in Provo and is studying for the LSAT that he plans on taking in a few weeks.  I am living in Liberty with my parents, working as an Quality Control intern at a cookie factory.  We have seen each other every weekend since I have moved back.  Being engaged is fun, but August 6th can't come soon enough.  I have found the man I want to marry, and I don't want to wait any longer.  Oh well, only 73 more days...