Oct 7, 2010

Right Now

Things have been crazy busy this past week, and they are only going to get busier.  Here is a typical day for me:

Work from 9am-1pm
School from 2pm-7pm (with a few breaks)
Then I get home, usually clean, make/eat dinner, hangout with Randal, do some homework, then go to bed at like 11pm.
There just isn't time for anything!

So, with all of that, I am taking a full course load, I started my Research Assistant (RA) position with my professor (I'll do another post about that soon), I'm finding out how to be a good wife, I'm working everyday, and trying to figure out when to do everything!

And to top it off, today I got a call from my Agency {click to see me!}, and a designer in SLC wants me for a Breast Cancer Awareness fashion show tomorrow night.  Talk about short notice.  So I'm scrambling trying to figure out work schedules, test schedules, marriage schedules, everything to fit this in.  Who knows why, but it's for a good cause and it should be pretty fun.  

Plus, any excuse to get my hair done, where a dress, get my picture taken, and walk in front of a crowd who will love you no matter what (since its for a breast cancer), then sign me up!
I'll have someone take pictures and I'll post about that later.

Wish me luck!