Sep 22, 2011

Working in Texas

I haven't blogged in some time, so I will promptly return to blogging and make up for my absence with a few posts. 

We were in Texas for 4 months.  It was blazingly hot.  I'm talking hotter than I have ever been before and hop to never be again, hot.  My nights were spent at the pool, the dog park, or cooking/baking waiting for Randal to get home from late night work.  My days however, were filled with these three smiling faces.

 They certainly weren't always happy with me, but we had some fun this summer.
We went to the pool about 2x a week, the library, the bowling alley, the park, and stayed home and baked, jumped on the trampoline, cleaned Coconut and Fudge's cage (the new guinea pigs), worked on workbooks (this is usually when they weren't happy haha), and made cake balls and dog biscuits.  It was seriously such a fun summer and I love this family!

For our anniversary, Liz (the mom) even offered to take some pictures of Randal and I at the Dallas Arboreteum.  They turned out so well and it was such a nice present.  I'll blog more about that later though.  

All pictures were taken from Liz's Facebook page.  I didn't take any this summer really, and she is really talented so I took them from her.  I hope she doesn't mind!  Here is a link to her photography