Nov 16, 2010

Sushi and Park City

On Friday after work, I came home to surprise homemade sushi.  Yes, you read that right.  Randal made the first roll to surprise me, but let me make a few.  He knows I love that kind of stuff, so it was perfect.  He even topped it off with a Redbox while we ate.  

Not ours, but still looks good

 Saturday I took Randal to Park City to shop for his birthday.  He was not happy.  But we went, and he was grumpy the entire time.  At 3pm we left and drove next door to stay at a hotel I booked for the night.  He was so surprised.  We had to shop before to kill time until check-in at 3pm.  Haha.  He was so mad at me for making him shop, but little did he know. 
We swam and watched movies and ate pizza.  The next morning we drove to the Olympic Park.  We visited the museum and watched some downhill ski jumpers in the freezing cold.  

We didn't take any pictures except with my phone, so I'll try and post some later. 

Nov 10, 2010

My Wish List

I know it is early, but yesterday BYU set up Christmas Trees in the library, and my sister-in-law is doing a giveaway for her company for some cute Christmas cards (yes, I already have the ones I want picked I just need some money so lets hope I win! ha) and today it started snowing.  Basically, I am ready for the holidays.

In fact, I already have a rough Christmas Wish List compiled, now I just need to finalize it tack it to my parents fridge.  Yes, I'm married, but you best believe I'm still putting up my list.  
So I decided to do a little pre holiday window shopping {read: internet shopping}
J Crew

J Crew




Now I just need to work more so I can actually afford these things.  But that's what Christmas presents are for, right??
What is on your List?