Sep 23, 2010

flea o read ah

Yes, that is how Randal pronounced Flo rida.  hahahah!  I think we were listening to Pandora and he was like, "I really like this song!" so I asked him who it was, and his response? 
flea o read ah.
He means well...

This week Randal had to go to the Bollywood Market for class.  So, as a dutiful, and mostly curious/excited wife, I tagged along.  It isn't a huge place, but I loved every second of it.  Even from off the street, the aroma invites you in.  We stepped inside and the woman working, who we later came to know as Ginny, was very helpful and showed us around the store.  She recommended as her "must see" for the store, the spice section.  And it is pretty spectacular.  Randal had to write a review on the shop for his Comms class, so I patiently took a look around while he asked Ginny questions.  By the end of our trip there, Ginny had given us a recipe to make Chicken Saag (my personal Indian food favorite), and convinced us to buy all the necessary items.  She even got me to buy a smoothie while she was ringing me up.  And I am so glad we did.  It was a mango smoothie and I have never tasted something so delicious.  It was just so creamy.

It was pretty late at night, but when we got home I was so excited to make the saag that we did it anyway.  Her recipe was not like a typical recipe (imagine a list of ingredients, and instead of regular measurements, she just would tell me, oh a spoon of that or some of this, etc) so we had to do some guess work, but all in all, I think it turned out well.

 Randal making the rice

 Some of the ingredients


 After: The final product

Our feast! Complete with a movie.  
It doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Looks delicious. Can you pass the recipe along?

  2. Yes ma'am. And Dani, I am so glad you are commenting! Text me sometime. And that recipe was good, but kind of crazy, so I am going to find another one that I like better and post that instead.


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