Sep 15, 2010

Unknown Caller

Today at exactly 9:05 am I missed a call from an unknown number because I was in my morning meeting at work.  I didn't think anything of it until maybe 5 minutes later I get a text from Randal asking if I had gotten a call from the UC (Unknown Caller).  Turns out, he got called at 9:01 am and answered and the guy answered the phone like, " you know who this is...?"  Randal was like, um, no.  Then the guy went off about how he knew Randal from soccer a year ago and that it was Trent Rogers.  Randal never played soccer (he really isn't very athletic...) and finally told the guy he had to go to class and you know what the creep said???  He said, "That's fine, I got what I needed." and hung up.  Then preceded to call me.  What the freak!  Creepy, right?  

Has anyone had any calls from the UC lately?  I want to figure this out!


  1. That's so scary! I want to know what he got. Hopefully nothing, but yikes!

  2. "he isn't really very athletic..." ha ha ha! oh my Kitchen you are out of control. Awesome.

  3. Hmm...that's weird! Hopefully nothing bad comes of it. Hope yall are doing well! Long time no see, Kirsten :-)


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