Dec 19, 2011

NCFR and SeaWorld

For the past year I have been working on research with a professor and in November I had the opportunity to go and present it at NCFR (The National Council on Family Relations) in Orlando, FL.  It was my first time in Florida and I loved it.  We went the week before Thanksgiving and it felt like spring break.  It was so warm and sunny.  I didn't get many pictures of the conference, but a few of the other research assistants and I went to SeaWorld during the trip and it was incredible.  Seriously.  My camera died halfway through the day so I didn't get too many pics, but the dolphin show was amazing.  They have a deal where if you buy a ticket one day, you get a second day free, so we went back for day two and had to see the dolphin show again.  It was that good.

We were able to ride some good roller coasters, watch a bunch of shows, and pet dolphins!  That was probably the highlight of my trip.  I am not a huge fan of theme parks and don't plan on taking my kids to Disneyland (I know, I'm not sounding like a very good mom here) but I will take them to SeaWorld.  It was amazing.

The hotel the conference was at.
The front gate.  They had misting machines.  

I was on the hunt for gators.  I didn't see a single one. 

Their power or phone boxes were decorated and even their buses were.
It was so fun to see art everywhere.

This baby killer whale was so adorable.  It went everywhere with the mom. 

Dolphin Cove!  And the folks I went to NCFR/SeaWorld with.

Getting pumped to pet some dolphins.  


  1. Dude! That is awesome that you got to present at a conference! What did you present on?!

  2. I did research about family and personal religiosity and how that predicts risky sexual behaviors in the emerging adulthood (typically around 18-25 years old) population. What I found was that those coming from families that had high levels of religiosity (praying, church attendance, spiritual activities, etc.) but now as emerging adults had lower levels of religiosity were more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors.

    Kinda cool, but makes sense if you think about it! It was a great opportunity and doing research was pretty incredible. I was able to meet with a bunch of well known researchers in my field and make some good connections with graduate schools.


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