Feb 12, 2011

Love Notes

Sometimes I write nice little notes for my husband hoping to get one in return, but I don't.  But Friday when I got home from work I found this...
In the mailbox there was a note leading me to my slippers, the dutch oven, then to the dryer where I found these babys.
The husband noticed that my grey toms were getting pretty ratty, so he surprised me with an early Vday present, complete with little love notes and treats during the "treasure hunt".  Also, the husband hates ballet flats.  Something about seeing someone's foot, so he got me these as an alternative to my everyday footwear. 

I am all about compromising.
Happy Valentines Day


  1. Hey lady it's Heather and Jess! Love your new blog..and hello those toms are so cute! I love toms! what a good hubby you have :)

  2. So cute! I love, love! It's the little things : ) I am glad you married a romantic!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I love it! He's a keeper!


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