Oct 5, 2011

Coming home from Texas

I was going to write about living in Texas, but there really isn't much to say and I don't really have many pictures, and any that we do have are just of our dog.  So at the risk of sounding like a crazy dog lady, I'll refrain from adding a bunch of pup pics.

Anyway, coming home from Texas was hard.  Randal worked right up until our last day so that left me to pack and clean the house.  We came to TX with two very full cars, and along our way, I purchased a few home goods and odds and ends from the goodwill or other places and we had a dog and all her stuff to pack (bed, crate, food, toys, actual dog, more toys) so we went from full cars to cars bursting at the seams.  I honestly don't know how we managed to pack it all in.  The drive wasn't horrible, but we had decided that instead of paying for a hotel, we wanted to drive all the way through and get home as soon as possible.  So off we went.

We around Plano around 10am and didn't stop, besides for gasoline and to let our pup go to the bathroom, until about 1am the next day.  We were exhausted.  We pulled over in a hotel parking lot and slept in separate cars for 2 hours.  It was horrible...and ghetto.  Our cars were so full that they only room we had was the drivers seat so there was no meeting in one car for a good cat nap, and we couldn't even recline any.  Needless to say I was exhausted.

We pulled into Provo at about noon two days after we left.  It was a long car trip.  We barely ate the entire time besides an odwalla and a banana haha, and Sally threw up on me 2x.  I liked Texas, but I never want to make that drive again.  ever.

Oh!  And to top it all off, somewhere around the New Mexico border, Randal's little car stopped working, so we did get a break for an hour or so while Randal grumped around trying to fix his car.

Luckily for us, we were able to come back to a dirty apartment full of black mold.  I'll post about that later.

And since posts without pictures are lame, here are some poor quality phone pics.  I promise to be better about taking photos!

HUGE wolf spider outside our front door.  Thanks Texas.
Couldn't include a post with out a Sal gal pic, considering most of my phone pics are of her.
 Fine, we are crazy dog people.  
She always lays down with her legs sticking straight out

Look at this ragamuffin


  1. Crazy dog people! ROFLCOPTER. That spider freaked me out and I'm glad you live in a nice house without black mold now.

  2. haha sally really is so freaking cute!! Man I miss you guys!! That sounds like so not fun of a trip home! Ugh! That drive is so freaking long! It was a horrible trip for us too. We liked Texas, but we also NEVER again want to make that trip there. Miss you and hope everything is well! =D

  3. We miss you guys! Seriously, we want to play Rummy but nobody knows how and heaven knows we are not teaching them. Way to many rules haha. The drive sucks, but it did go by pretty fast. How is school going? Are you guys in Idaho?


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