May 10, 2011


I never blogged about it, but Randal and I flew down to California to see my friend Rachelle before she left on her mission.  This was Randal's first time in southern CA so we hit up some of my favorite spots.

BJ's Brewhouse for some pizza  

The beach in Newport

I love these stairs for the beach houses that have the doors in the middle.

Tromping off to explore

Jerk Chicken Shack in Santa Monica.  So delicious.

I can make my hand disappear.  Here's proof.

Zoltar!  Have you ever seen BIG?

We made the trek all the way up to the sign, well as far as we could get.  The houses on these roads were incredible.  Seriously built on top of each other. 

Randal and I aren't huge fans of California.  I like it more than he does, but there are just way too many people.  We are safely in Texas and we do love it here.  I'll post more about that later. 

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