Sep 2, 2012

That time I lost my shorts at Seven Peaks.

We decided to get the "Pass of All Passes" and have loved going to Seven Peaks, especially since it is so close to our house.  Earlier in the summer some of the  highest rides weren't open yet so we knew when we saw them open we had to go give them a try.  We decided on the orange tall slide.  If you have been, you know what I mean.  It drops you straight down. I tried looking for a pic on their website, but no luck.  Anyway, you have the option of either head first on a mat or feet first on your back with no mat.  It was my turn and I marched up to the slide determined to go head first like Randal had done before me and then got way too scared, wimped out and threw my mat aside and went on my back.  I knew the risk of a wedgie was high.  I was not expecting the opposite.  Somehow going down my shorts fell off of my rump and my top flipped up revealing my whole backside and my entire stomach.  Luckily the built in bra part kept my suit from exposing my entire chest, but all of Seven Peaks, or at least those watching me go down the orange slide were lucky enough to see me moon them.  I frantically adjusted my swim bottoms and was met with Randal doubled over in laughter.  It's a good thing I don't get embarrassed to easily...

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