Sep 9, 2012


Our friends have a rockin garden and since I was too lazy to dig up the weeds in our front yard they are graciously giving us some of their produce.  We had so many tomatoes and what not that we decided to make salsa.  Being the incredible friends that they were, not only did they give us the vegetables, they also let us borrow all of their canning equipment so we could can some salsa. We left their house with grocery sacks full of food.  The next morning we got to canning.  It really wasn't hard and the salsa is so very good.  I've never liked canning but now I see why people do it.  After this, I also want a garden.  I just need to man up and deal with the weeds in order to plant one next year.  We'll see if I actually do it.  

Making the salsa.  It is better than it looks.
Sal had to get in on the action.

The finished product.  Oh so good.
"Sitting Pretty" aka begging-Just hoping she could snag a bite.

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  1. That salsa looks bomb! You're pictures look really great! Aren't SLRs the best?!


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