Sep 7, 2012


For my birthday I got my present a few days early from Randal.  He surprised me with this camera.

 A Canon Rebel T3i.  It's pretty frustrating to learn, but rewarding when I figure something out.  After just a week I can already tell a difference in the quality of my pictures.  Not that I am good by any means, but it is fun.  
I was not expecting a camera at all.  I had been telling Randal that someday when we have kids I want a nice camera but I didn't think we would get a nice one for awhile.  Oh that Randal, he did good.

My very first picture.  So terrible.  Now I know better than to use flash.
On my actual birthday, I woke up with a huge swollen eye, and I was peeing blood (tmi).  So I spent the morning at the doctors office with a UTI while Randal went to his morning class.  Not a real great start.  Also, I had to work all afternoon/night, but we were able to get a little celebration time in and we got breakfast at Awful Waffle.  Who knew they moved!?  I certainly didn't.  I got to their old store front and I was ticked.  Luckily their new location is pretty awesome.  If I was single (and rich) those are the apartments I would want to live in!
Awful Waffle
Oh this guy...

My coworkers let me off work an hour early so Randal picked me up and we headed to our friends house to watch the BYU game for the remainder of my big day.  Swollen eye, doctor visits and work aside, it was a great birthday.  

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