Jun 27, 2012

Summer so far - get ready to read

Since graduating, I have been sort of floundering in life.  Going to school for (5!) years and having a job you could have done in high school is not all that fulfilling.  I am very grateful for my job, and I really do enjoy it, I just wish it was related to something I worked on for years in school.  When you graduate people ALWAYS ask you, so what are you doing now?  Well, basically the exact same thing I was doing 6 months ago when I was still a student, thanks for bringing it up.  I wish I had a career where I was using my education, but I don't, and for now, that's okay.  But it does make me feel like a failure every time someone asks what my plans are now.  Oh well, I'm guilty of asking the same thing.

Randal just finished an internship up at Northstar Alarms and got another internship at Zagg in South Salt Lake.  If I wasn't married to the guy I'd probably be jealous of how well his work life is going.  At least I get to cash in on his success!  He started Zagg last week and already loves it.  He told me there are free snacks anytime, basketball, and one of his good friends from the mission works there too.  The only downside is that we still live in Provo and he has to commute up there.  A few nights of the week he stays with his brother so he doesn't have to make the drive daily (Anybody reading this better not get any ideas about sneaking over here because they think I'm alone.  I have a guard dog and I sleep with a gun and I'm not afraid to use it).  The other days he has class and goes from work at 7am straight to class at 4pm until 6:30pm.  I feel so bad for him.  He hasn't worked this crazy of a schedule in a long time.  Gone are the endless days of golf.  Also, I have a mom and a sister who are married to pilots that are gone for days at a time, so I realize I don't have much room to complain about not seeing Randal.  Still isn't fun though.

I'm working at Wilson Diamonds.  It really is a great job.  Everyone I work with is awesome and I like being there.  Up until now I have always worked both Fridays and Saturdays but yesterday I was able to get my schedule worked out so I am only working M-F!  This will be great because I already am not seeing Randal a whole lot so now we will have the weekends together.  Oh the possibilities!

A few weekends ago we went up to Randal's family reunion in Swan Valley.  It really was incredible.  It was maybe even a little bit prettier than the Valley, and that is saying a lot.  The lodge was nestled in a canyon next to a creek.  The best part was the GIANT slide.  It was seriously huge.  Being with all that family was fun, but we were grateful to be back in our own beds with our Sal (pets were not invited).

This is the lodge.  You can't really tell but next to those stairs are a slide that starts at the top and goes beyond the picture.  You have to ride carpet down.  It was intense.

I stole this from Heather B.  Forgive me?  

A few Saturdays ago Randal got up bright and early and went dirt biking (think motorcyles, not pedal bikes) with a friend.  I was leaving for work at 11am when I heard them pull up.  They usually are gone all day so I was happy I got to see him before I left.  Turns out, they were back because Randal crashed after 30 minutes of the ride.  The night before he had been cleaning his bike and making sure it ran well and he thinks it gave it a bit more pep than he was expecting.  He knew he was going to crash and he thought he could run out from underneath it but his boot got stuck and it fell on him.  His friend was a few minutes behind him and he said he passed out from the pain.  After his friend found him, they had to ride back to our truck and he didn't think he had broken anything.  Well when they told me this I panicked and wasn't going to go to work but Randal said he was fine and insisted I go.  Of course during this my phone decided to fall apart and not work anymore so as I was calling my sister Shelby for help it dies so I had to spend my whole shift wondering exactly what was happening.  Randal ended up going to the doctor at BYU and he broke his collar bone.  After wearing the sling for maybe a day, he decided he didn't need it anymore.  It has been a week and a half and he keeps telling me that he is like wolverine and heals almost instantly.  Basically, he feels almost 100% now.

My fragile little husband.

Oh and we also bought a little A/C unit for our bedroom.  It is just too damn hot in here (excuse my language, the heat is too much to handle!)  For some reason our swamp cooler won't cool down our bedroom.  It works alright for the rest of the house but our room was way too hot.  I was afraid for little sal being home in the heat and we could barely sleep.  It has saved us.

Previously 90 degrees in our house, now down to about 62 at night.  It is heaven.   
This weekend we are going up to visit my brother Zack who is leaving to medical school next week.  I'm so excited for him.  His life is pretty great now and we love having him back.  It will be sad to see him gone for so long, but hopefully he will make friends and even find a girl.  He has dated a few girls, but none that have really stuck.  He deserves the best after what he has been through.

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  1. It was good seeing you two this weekend. Thanks for coming up!


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