Apr 4, 2012

911 and handguns

This morning I was doing my regular morning routine by laying in bed and snuggling sal while I check emails.  Our bedroom window faces the front porch so we see and hear anytime someone comes to our door.  Anyway, I was in bed (even though I told Randal I wasn't...shhh...) and I hear two people run up to our door.  I thought for sure I would hear them knock or something so I slowly starting putting clothes on for the day.  Well, they didn't knock, but I did hear them jiggle the door knob.  One of them said to the other, "let's go!".  I then hear them leave and the next thing I know someone is at the back door trying to open it.


I grabbed my husbands little gun, cocked it, and called 911.  The dispatcher was very nice but I was so scared I was shaking and could hardly talk.  I just sat on my bed with the phone in one hand and the gun in the other, too terrified to move.  She told me that a cop was on his way and to stay inside until he came.  She asked if I saw them and what exactly happened.  I knew it was two men based on the sound they made walking up our front porch stairs, and I heard the one talk.  They weren't young, but they weren't old.  My guess is mid 20s.  She told me to look outside and to see if they were still there.  I looked out the front and saw my landlord's truck in our driveway.  Instantly I was embarrassed.  I knew that she had some boys, one of which just got back from his mission, that come from time to time to help her with things outside.  I told the dispatcher that it was probably just my landlord and I said I would just go out and talk to her.  I kept apologizing on the phone for wasting her and any police officers time, but she insisted that it was not a waste and that she would stay on the phone until an officer came to the door and that I need to stay indoors.  I looked out the window again and saw that it was just my landlord and she didn't have her kids with her.  A few minutes later an officer knocked on the door after talking with my landlord outside.  I can't even remember what he said because I was crying out of embarrassment for just calling the cops on my landlord.  It was mortifying!  After I collected myself a bit, I went out to talk to my landlord and apologize for the confusion.  She had no idea I was even home.  She had only gotten there a few minutes ago.  Our landlord told me that she pulled up and went straight to the back shed to work on it and hadn't checked the doors or even been near them.  She also said she didn't see anyone when she got there.

I don't know what happened or who it was.  Sally started barking when she heard them the second time and I don't know if they heard her and realized someone was home, or what happened.  But I was terrified.  Last week, a man from Provo city came (not in any official clothing or anything) and knocked on the door asking who all lived here and that kind of business.  I didn't think much of it, but Randal asked if he actually worked for the city and that I should have asked for ID.  I think that freaked me out and had me primed to be more scared.  Also, this older teenage boy has been sitting on our curb outside our house with his hood on the past few nights.  We asked him what he was doing and he just told us he was using the internet.  Our internet is blocked, but I'm sure he could pick it up from the neighbors or something.  He said he lives in the apartments down the road.  It was kinda sketchy.  Now, it could have just been someone dropping something off (I did find a little handout thing on the front door), but what makes me question it is that they ran to the back door.  People don't realize that we even have a back door with a separate basement apartment, and they didn't leave anything on that door.  I'm not sure who it was, but it scared me pretty good.

I texted Randal that I called the cops on our landlord and that I had his gun ready to use it but that I don't know how to uncock (if that is even the real word) it.  He told me to put it in a drawer and not touch it until he gets home.  haha.  I would have never thought my first reaction would be to grab his gun, but I guess it's good to know I'm not as scared of it as I thought!  I'm kind of more open to the idea of getting my own gun now.  I should at the very least learn how to properly use one.


And if I had a gun that looked like this, maybe it wouldn't be so intimidating?  


  1. OH MY GOSH! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I read this! So creepy! I would have freaked out too. And I'm so glad you called the cops! Even if it was nothing, it's better to be safe than sorry. Oooooh I totally have the creeps right now! We should go shooting! I've always wanted to go to a range. I hope you're ok! This is terrifying!

  2. We really should. I think I'm going to get my concealed weapons permit. Randal got his gun/permit for Christmas and he really wants me to get one. I didn't think I needed or wanted it until now. Maybe it would be a good idea?
    We have a few guns we could go shooting with. As soon as school gets out we will have to go.

  3. i think it's totally justified! it reminds me of home alone- they scoped it out first (aka the imposter for the city) and i seriously think you took the right precaution!!! i don't jump the gun (pun intended) much but this time yes yes i would have!!! good story- i liked it. even if it was at your expense. hope ur blood pressure is okay!!! xoxox

  4. OH MY HECK!! That is a frightening experience. Since Derwin died I go around and lock everything and have second thoughts about having my window open at night, even up here.....just a little paranoid. (And my one friend said that there are those that watch obits for opportunity).YIKES

  5. Kirsten!!!! My heck I was so stressed about this story you were telling!! My heck! That is so stressful and scary! Similar things happened to my in Texas when Danny was out selling all day. That that bad, but kind of stressed me! A cop even came to our apartment looking for the previous attendent...anyway. one time really early in the morning we heard someone at out door and Danny and I didn't have a gun, so Danny told me to get a knife as we crept to the door going to see who it was haha. It was someone just trying to leave a flyer but it was scary! I am glad you are okay! Crazy times!

  6. @Becky I can't believe people would follow obits to look for people to attack! That is so awful. If I were you I would get a big guard dog to keep you company.

    @Kaycee What happened to you when Danny was gone? I never heard about that! Yeah I was always scared when people would leave flyers on our door in Texas. It always sounded like they were trying to walk in.


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