Mar 2, 2011

part 3: the people

We were lucky enough to have so much support from both of our families and friends.  They helped with everything and we are so thankful for them.

The Olinquevitch's: Randal's sister Calisa, Christian, and their son Chase

My sister Desiree and Justin.  She is pregnant here and they now have little Baby Scarlet.
The Loud Family

My Mom and Dad
The McMahon's.  Randal taught them when he was on his mission in Kentucky.

My best friend growing up.  She came all the way from Hawaii.  She is a true friend...and is single, holla

The Clayton Family

The Clayton sisters: Calisa, Katy, Jacy, and Katie

The Clayton nieces and nephews.

Randal's brother Bob and Katie and their girls.

Uncle Randal and Braeley at the temple.  so cute.

My niece Aubrey at the temple.

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