Jan 4, 2011

playing catch up

Last year was great, but very busy.  
I haven't been good at blogging, but I will try to be better this year.
To recap, I'll just post some pictures, a few updates, and start fresh in 2k11.

I rang in the new year with Randal and realized mid January how much I loved and missed him while he went on a cruise.  Luckily, he had the same realization.

Valentines day I got climbing shoes.  We rock climb.

I flew to Hawaii to visit my friend Rachelle, and Randal proposed in the airport while I boarded my flight.  Longest 7 hours of my life.

School ended and I moved back to my parents house to work at the cookie factory, and Randal stayed in Provo to study for the LSAT and work.

work, wedding plans and engagement pics

Randal took the LSAT

I got my tonsils out and celebrated the 4th at Liberty Days.  Randal has heard about L Days since day 1.  He was not let down.  We also went to Reno to spend time with my grandparents.

We got married, went to Hawaii, moved into our cute little basement apartment, I started my new job, we started school, and Randal surprised me with a party for my 21st.  An amazing month.

Clayton family trip to Bear Lake.  Incredibly cold, but so fun.  
sorry it's turned

Halloween.  We made out like thieves at the video store-yes you read that right, not redbox, not netflix, but the store-with 2 videos, 2 sodas and 2 movie theatre candies for only 10 dollars!  I loved it and we were able to rent older movies ie the scary ones.  I am still scared by one of them.  

Two Thanksgivings.  I was especially pleased considering it is my favorite holiday.  My parents gave us Christmas decorations, so we spent that last bit of November decorating. 

Double Christmas.  School ended and it ended up being my best semester so far, Randal did well too, but he always does... and my sister had her baby, Scarlet.  We have been pretty blessed in the nieces and nephews department.  Lucky for us, Claytons and Louds make some cute kids.  

2k10 was filled with love, family, and good food (we perfected sushi, tempura, indian food, and many latin dishes).  
It was a great year, but I have a sneaking suspicion that 2k11 is gonna werk.

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