Jan 27, 2012


We knew we had to get out to Florida for the cruise, and we also knew that since we would be flying standby, we needed to leave early so we would for sure get out there in time.  We left a few days early and decided to rent a car and check out the Everglades.  Not wanting to spend a ton of money, we decided to do this vacation cheap.  We slept in our car and got food from Target, a non english speaking Target.  It was weird, but good.  I was amazed that NO ONE in Miami spoke english.  It was like a different country.  But I love Florida, seriously.  It's so beautiful and relaxed.  I can see why people go there to retire.  In the debate of California vs Florida, Florida is the clear winner.

After sleeping in our car that night and waking up at 7am to look at alligators.

Randal literally almost ran into this guy.

Baby gators with an even tinier runt riding piggyback.

Up close with an alligator from our airboat ride.

Our native american tour guide grabbed this gator under his jaw and pulled him into our boat.

Photo bombing.

Robert is Here fruitstand.  The menagerie out back was crazy.

Do you see it?

This poor tortoise had goats using it as a step ladder.  It's front legs kill me. ha!

At the Flamingo National Park visitors center.

After another night of sleeping in our cars we got up to watch the sun rise. 

The only crocodile we saw. (In the back by the trees)
Anyway, so we spent our time in our car traveling throughout the Everglades.  We saw tons of alligators and some crocodiles.  It was a really good time and I'm glad we went early.

I have a video from the airboat tour but I need to figure out how to upload it first.

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